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Lugares insólitos - Redacciones de inglés

Os presentamos algunos de los trabajos realizados por los alumnos de C1 de inglés sobre la descripción de un lugar insólito en el camino de Santiago a su paso por Luarca y alrededores. Todos los relatos os descubrirán lugares maravillosos. ¡Animaos a leer y descubrir!



It was once said that the journey is more important than the destination. Perhaps this quote can’t be applied to all those pilgrims who dream about arriving in Santiago and getting their “compostela”, but the fact is that “the way” is full of unnoticed and amazing places.

One of them is set in Luarca, a picturesque and small fishing village. We must cross the town and go uphill for 500m until El Chano (literally “the plain” in Asturian local language). Once there, we just have to take a green path until a small,white chapel and we will have arrived to a stunning lookout point where all our senses will be stimulated.

Our sight will be delighted with the view of old, white, fishing houses with slate roofs, which seem to climb the cliffs around the port. Just below us, a quiet river crosses the town and runs under several lovely bridges, before it ends into the Cantabric Sea. The sound of the seagulls, the ships and the church bells, fight to break a peaceful silence, while the smell of the sea brings to our minds the taste of the typical dishes made of fish and seafood. If you add to all of this an astonishing sunset, the whole picture is simply beautiful.

Finally, an advice for the pilgrims: this place will give you peace and calm for your souls; the risk you take is that perhaps you will not want to finish your way.
 A view of Luarca from the lookout point.
Isaac Cernuda Rubio


Located on the western coast of Asturias and, at a short drive from the picturesque fishing village of Cudillero, ‘Playa del Silencio’, also known as ‘El Gaviero’, is one of the most beautiful and tranquil unspoilt beaches that one can find in the region.
Classified as a protected area, this peaceful natural location is a must-see for Pilgrims travelling The Way as well as for tourists who love wild and unique sceneries.
The beach is within walking distance from Castañeras village, so most of the route can be done by car except for the last 250 metres which must be walked.
At this point, one can enjoy breathtaking views from the edge of the nearby cliff before descending a few steep steps towards the sandy area.
This terrific shell-shaped small bay has a length that does not exceed 500 metres. That is to say, half a kilometre full of incredible treasures such as the impressive protective cliffs, the islets scattered on the shore, the mixture of fine golden sand with pebbles and the quality and characteristic crystalline colour of its calm waters.
Therefore, this is the ideal place to enjoy diverse activities, from snorkelling, scuba diving or taking a dip in the sea, to going for a walk along the seashore, sunbathing or chilling out while you get away from it all.
In short, its name says it all, ‘Playa del Silencio’ is a silent and secluded spot which welcomes its visitors and where time stands still. So, just for the peace and quiet that you feel in such an idyllic landscape, it is worth discovering this magical corner and its unsurpassed beauty.

It will not let you down!

Teresa Pérez López


When you are travelling The Way, you can enjoy places and landscapes which give you the strength that you need to continue and reach your goal. Probably, you are tired and you only pay attention to the typical famous places on the road, but there are other unusual spots that you should know.
I am talking about a spot in my village La Caridad, one of the places where Pilgrims tend to stop to rest when they are doing The Way. La Caridad is a little village on the north coast of Asturias where you can enjoy the sea and the mountain. Apart from this, I recommend visiting Viavelez. It is a little harbour close to La Caridad where you can rest and hear only the sea, the most relaxing noise in the world. You can take pleasure in the sea smell which helps you to be in contact with the nature and to recharge one’s batteries.
On the other hand, you can visit an ancient palace which was built in 1918. It is called “Palacio de Jardón” and its beauty impresses everybody who visits it. If you are interested in history and culture, you have to visit it. Moreover, you can enjoy its impressive sight if the owner lets you to access to the roof.
To visit Viavelez, it is true that you will need to walk two more kilometers to access to this harbour due to the fact that The Way doesn’t pass exactly through this place. However, I really recommend it to you as it is a fantastic place which sometimes people don’t pay attention to.

Lidia Sánchez Núñez

There are a lot of lovely spots to see in ‘El Camino’ in its path through the Asturian coastline. However, near Luarca, I would like to recommend you a tiny beach that thanks to being off the beaten track remains unspoiled, something really remarkable nowadays.
We start our trip on El Chano, a small village near Luarca. Going west, we find an unpaved road that leads us to the beach slope. It’s a quite dangerous path across a green pine forest. Approximately in the middle of the descent way, we can start to appreciate the overwhelming beauty of this seashore.
Between two prominent rock capes, a narrow tongue of blue sea water penetrates towards the land. No more than 50 meters separate one side from the other. It looks like a poky Norwegian fiord.
Near where the sea starts to widen, there is a cute island highly valued by the fishermen.
In addition, here is also an inactive quay where, during summertime, children take advantage to swim due to its near rocks and depth of water.
Our way down ends in an amazing and small beach with rolling stones and fine yellow sand. There you can smell the intoxicating fragrance of the salt water or hear the song of the seagulls.
The water here is calm and clean, away from crowded touristy routes.
Behind the beach, there is a little green grassland and a stream to complete a unique dreamscape, Tauran beach. A hidden must-see.

                                                                                              Óscar Rodríguez Gudín

¡Esperamos que os hayan gustado!

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